How to measure your stress with Apple Watch?

Achieve the highest accuracy measuring your HRV Score using the Breath app on your Apple Watch:

  1. Get ready for measurement.

Get into a comfortable position. You can stand or sit - it doesn't matter. Rest your arm. Hold as still as you can.

Be at rest a few minutes before breathing. If you had a physical activity, take 15-20 minutes to calm down.

  1. A better fit means better readings.

Your Apple Watch should be snug but comfortable. If your Apple Watch doesn’t stay in place, or the sensors aren’t reading your heart rate, tighten the band a bit. The back of your Apple Watch should touch your wrist.

  1. Breathe in Breathe app for 1-2 min.

  • Press the Digital Crown on your Watch, find and open the Breathe App.

  • Tap Start when you're ready.

  • Breath normally, ignoring the instructions.

4. After breathing you could check your HRV Score

If you have WatchOS 7, you can use Stress Monitor App on your Apple Watch.

  • Press digital crown and find the Stress Monitor App on your Watch. In the App you will see your last HRV Score

You always could check your last HRV Score in the iPhone App

  • Lock and unlock the screen of your iPhone to check results in the App. You will see your last HRV Score on the main tab in the timeline.